Background Check

As part of Prime Time Staffing & Management LLC hiring process, you are required to complete a background check due to Arise Virtual Solutions policies as you will be working on the Arise Platform under Prime Time Staffing & Management LLC. Arise background services are required for security purpose. Many companies will be providing you access to their confidential customer information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card data. The checks screen those registering to use the Arise Platform is to ensure each is free of disqualifying criminal history and their identity is validated.

This background check is initiated by you and conducted by an independent third-party background search company named "First Advantage Background Services" and all background checks are conducted in accordance with applicable law. Arise may request verification of your name or address as submitted in your Arise Profile or as part of the background check order if required.

Background check fees are directly paid to First Advantage Background Services and is non-refundable for all reasons including if you fail the background check.

If Prime Time Staffing & Management get notice that you failed your background check then you will be directed to contact First Advantage Background Services at 1-844-344-9084 as Prime Time Staffing & Management as well as Arise Virtual Solutions cannot provide the reason due to not having access.

Background checks can be processed in as quickly as a few minutes or as long as three business days. You will get an email when your background check results are completed as well as Prime Time Staffing & Management will also.

Once you have completed the form as well as paid the fee then the hiring manager at Prime Time Staffing & Management will finalize your background check and communicate with you once the results are in to continue enrolling you.